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Midsize Jets >> Citation X

The Citation X (pronounced Citation Ten) has earned its distinction as one of the business aviation's best and all-time favorite aircraft. It is most known for its speed and agility due to its cruising speeds just shy of the sound barrier at Mach .92.

Its mid-sized cabin offers comfortable executive travel and an intimate setting for those romantic getaways. It features a comfortable leather interior, private lavatory and impeccable lines.

NEW 2013 Updates!
Our Citation X has recently gone through a series of upgrades and now includes a passenger DVD Entertainment Player, two en-route Airshows to track all flight positioning and details as well as New Carpeting throughout the main cabin.

Seats 8
Range 3,682 st. mi
High Speed Cruise 700 mph
Cabin Height 5.6 ft
Cabin Width 5.4 ft
Cabin Length 23.7 ft

N199XP Cabin layout